EMC is a multinational north American leader in providing the system of information infrastructure, software, besides
cloud solutions, security and protection of data and Big Data.

They have more than 60.000 employee and is the bigger world server in data storage by marketshare.


Parque Tecnológico UFRJ

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The UFRJ Technology Park is located on the UFRJ campus, on the University City Island. Opened in 2003, the park aims
to encourage interaction between the UFRJ – students and academic staff – and business.

On site, they are installed research centers of several large small and medium enterprises, as well as laboratories and research centers. The Park is also installed the incubator of Coppe , which currently houses 27 startups . Currently, about 1,500 people work in the Park.


Itrax Composites

The iTrax Composites provides CAD and CAE solutions to complex problems of structures and composite parts. It has a
team of professionals specialized in projects and composites manufacturing , through the areas of structural analysis of iso / orthotropic materials in finite elements , 3D models , flow simulation for injection processes in closed molds and corporate training in all the composite production processes.


Sices Brasil

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Sices Brasil LTDA develops and produces micro-processed eletronic controllers and complete panels, of command and power rating, for geradors groups of any fabricant. With experience on the world`s greatest market – Europe – and more than 600 MW installed, it acts on the development of solar voltaic eletric energy central projects offering inovating and enveironmentally friendly solutions.



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Construa is a researching nucleus for construction,installation and optmized maintenance of floating oceanic systems, whose objective is to develop procedures that enable the simplification and systematization of the constructing aspects of oceanic floating systems.


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Founded in 1998 for professionals with vast experience in epoxy resins, curing agents and it`s correlateds, Epoxyfiber attends the market in it`s several segments with high-performance products and a unique comercial posture.


MAP – Materiais de Alta Performance

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Founded in 2001, MAP – HIGH PERFORMANCE MATERIALS – has highlighted itself as one of the principal providers of aerospecial, automobilistic, defense, eolic energy and nautical segments. Specialized in the development of produtcs for vacuum infusion and lamination procedures, MAP owns a complete and actualized catalog of produtcs, which follow the technological evolutions of composite materials. It`s center of distribution in Jacareí-SP has the biggest consumable materials stoch of Latin America, what allows an agile and secure logistic.



Kaishin Logotipo

One of the principal providers of global solutions in industrial transmission, Kaishin started it`s activities in Brazil in 2001. Since then, inovating products combined with a high qualified service are it`s trade mark. Currently, Kaishin has a complete portfolio of products that work 24/7 in several industrial segments, what allows it to colaborate with the bussiness of the most demanding companies of Latin America.



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Founded in 1935 in Japan, KHK is the Asian`s market lider fabricant of padronized gears. With an experience and a performance based on 80 years of history, KHK is globally known for it`s poducts quality, competitive prices, deliver punctuality and bussiness model.