The Equipe Solar Brasil was found in 2008 when the coordinator of the Nautical Center, Professor Fernando Amorim,
discovered the actual DONG Energy Solar Challenge, in Holland, and formed a group of students, technician and
professors to represent Brazil in the competition. Since then, a prototype of Copacabana was projected and built in less than 3 months. With a surprising result, in view of scarce resources and the high level and traditional European vessels, the Brazilian team (only none European one) arrived in 4th place. With this achievement, they received a prize of incentive, and have been evolving since then.



In the following years, with the creation of a Brazilian competition based on the Dutch one, the Desafio Solar Brasil,
catamarans were built so the team could participate of the national championship. Buzios and Arpoador were made at
that time and since 2009, the Equipe Solar Brasil participates at all the phases of the competition.

In the last DONG Energy Solar Challenge, the ESB made up to the 7th place in the A class, the most disputed category,
between 21 boats, getting highly competitive performance with eSB1 prototype, developed specially for the event.