The Solar team is divided in the following sectors:

  • Coordinator: It’s the only professor of the Solar Team, responsible for overseeing all activities and provides technical support to the team.
  • Captain: It oversees and assists, directly or indirectly, the work of all the other members, and to update the coordinator of the work done by the team. All the captains have always been students of Naval and Ocean Engineering.
  • Financial staff: Their main concern is the management of team’s resources, acting in the purchase of the team needs.
  • Marketing staff: Responsible for the dissemination of ESB and relationship with companies and institutions. They take care of event organization and logistics in college, maintaining all the social media of the team. Its members are constantly trained in the University itself to better serve the interests of the group.
  • Electrical Systems staff: It is composed by those responsible for the preparation of all electrical systems used in prototypes. Its members are challenged to optimize the power of the boat, while caring about the weight, the cost, and the system efficiency. This team consists of students of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  • Hull staff: Responsible for the design, construction and maintenance of vessels. It is integrally formed by students ofNaval and Ocean Engineering. In the design of prototypes, its members seek to adopt new trends, new materials and processes so that the team can evolve gradually as the production of prototypes.
  • Mechanical staff:Formed by students of Mechanical Engineering and Naval and Oceanic, they have the mission to design and repair mechanical systems of vessels, as well as participate in the construction of prototypes.