Desafio Solar Brasil


The interest of the UFRJ Nautical Laboratory to develop a solar-powered boat came in the second half of 2006, after the success of the first competition Frisian Solar Challenge in the Netherlands, which took place in June of that year. In October 2007 started the prototype design and its construction was completed in May 2008, in order to participate to the edition of the Dutch championship in June of that year . The prototype was called Copacabana, and between 21 and 28 June 2008 , an interdisciplinary team of the Polo Nautico UFRJ , organized by Professor Fernando Amorin took part in the Frisian Solar Challenge , which achieved an excellent placement at the 4th place in their category , and 4 in the overall rating.


The Brazilian team received an award of encouragement and support from the Dutch hosts to hold a similar event in Rio
de Janeiro . The team already -so named Equipe Solar Brasil- returned to the country enthusiastic about the idea and
determined to repeat the challenge here, organizing in 2009 the first Brazilian race of solar boats. Thus was born the
Solar Challenge Brazil ( DSB ) .


The DSB is growing every year. The ESB was overall champion at the Florianópolis stage in 2011 , and took the second
place in the same year and in 2010 , both in Paraty. Since 2009 the Solar Team participates at all editions of the national championship. Beyond them, there are eight other teams from universities and technical schools throughout Brazil.

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