Brazil Solar Challenge Result 2015


The Brazil Solar Challenge in 2015 was a success and we are proud to announced the victory of the Solar Team Brazil!


 After 3 months of hard work in building our catamaran, ESB Minerva, we finalized our vessel successfully. As a result we obtained a fast catamaran, reaching an average speed of 9 knots, higher than all other participating vessels of the competition, even with less than half the power available due to technical commission requirements.


The evidence was challenging, we compete with teams from the best universities in the country (UFF, UFSC, UEA, UFRJ-Macaé … among others) but still managed to win with a big advantage, approximately 33 minutes ahead of the second place, the Babitonga team. In addition to winning the catamaran category, we were the overall winner on accumulated time, hitting a speed record in the competition and overcoming the free category, known to achieve higher speeds. Finally, still won the most beautiful vessel Prize of the Brazil Solar Challenge in 2015!


It is worth remembering that none of this would be possible without help. The Solar Team Brazil thanks all our sponsors: Sices Brazil, EMC², iTrax Composites, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, UFRJ Challenge, CANA, Technology Park UFRJ, DGS, Compass Nautical Solutions, Jermatek, Polytechnic School and of course the Polo Nautico. We also thank our coordinator Prof. Alexander Teixera Alho for all the support and knowledge dedicated to the project; The Master Jonas, who teaches us to improve our work more and more; And to all who believe in our work and collaborate with our team.

Besides all this support, we dedicate a very special thanks to the team Vento Sul. On the eve of the competition we faced in our vessel mechanical problems that would prevent us from competing. The Vento Sul Team kindly gave us material so that we could compete, and so we could have a fair challenge. Teams like this one, makes our Brazil Solar Challenge better, showing that in a competitive environment still exists partnership. This is the spirit of competition and we are very grateful to the Vento Sul team for all the help. Without you we would never achieve such result! Congratulations to all of you!

To learn more please visit the Vento Sul team on facebook.

Thanks and see you next year!33

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